Monday, July 1, 2019

The former Japanese Broadcasting Bureau building (c.1932) in Tainan city. Photo: Y Hua Blog 就愛旅遊攝影

Taiwan is home to some very distinctive early and mid-twentieth century architecture – which incorporates elements from Japanese, Chinese and Western traditions. A surprisingly large number of buildings have survived, despite many decades of urban development.

Some of the most notable are government buildings, built during the Japanese colonial era (1895 to 1945). These are generally well maintained, and usually retain many original features. In some cases, local communities have lobbied to save well-loved landmarks, such as the old Kaohsiung Railway Station building.

A Taiwan Scrapbook is a visual guide to some of the highlights, and includes local variants of Imperial Crown Style (teikan yōshiki)Art Deco, Art Moderne, Functionalism, Modernism, Brutalism and other styles.

Download >> A Taiwan Scrapbook (PDF approx. 7 MB)

Girl with Taiwan flag